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You can send your evacuation reports or notifications of evacuation training programme by email to or post to Fire Information Unit, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, PO Box 68444, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142.

Manual evacuation scheme applications can be emailed to

If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Information Unit on 0800 347 346 or email us at

UPDATE 1 February 2021: Changes to Regulations on trial evacuations and evacuation training programmes

The requirement for building owners to conduct trial evacuations or evacuation training programmes came back into force on 1 February 2021, and will remain in force provided there are no physical distancing requirements in place for the area in which the building is located. Physical distancing requirements are imposed at some COVID-19 Alert Levels and can change over time. Specific exclusions are included in the changes to accommodate those buildings which are in use as Managed Isolation and Quarantine Facilities.

These changes are set out in the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (COVID-19—Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes Amendment Regulations (No 2) 2020. Building owners are not expected to resume trial evacuations or evacuation training programmes immediately the changes come into force. To work out when your next trial evacuation or training programme notification is due, you need to calculate a 6-month period that excludes the time from 25 March 2020 to 31 January 2021, or any longer period when physical distancing requirements remain in force for the area where your building is located. For example:

• If you were due to conduct a trial evacuation by 10 April 2020, 17 days after the suspension began, and there are no physical distancing requirements in force for the area where your building is located, the adjusted 6-month period will end 17 days after the changes take effect which will mean 17 February 2021.

Please read previous COVID-19 Evacuation scheme Updates.

If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Information Unit on 0800 347 346 or email us at

Quick Reference Guides

27/06/2018 11:45:47 AM

A one-page flowchart showing the standard application and maintenance cycle for your evacuation scheme.

30/06/2021 10:39:37 AM

This guide contains a brief introduction to evacuation schemes and steps through the submission process, both online and manual.

24/09/2018 4:23:32 PM

This has helpful tips to explain the information and detail needed when completing your application.

8/11/2019 4:33:05 PM

This document lists the classifications and threshold quantities for hazardous substances.

2/07/2018 8:58:01 AM

If you need to complete a number of similar applications you may find the template feature useful.

30/06/2021 1:25:16 PM

If your online application is not approved, this guide steps through what you need to do next.

30/06/2021 10:04:32 AM

Every approved scheme needs regular maintenance. This guide steps through the requirements to keep your approved scheme current and maintained.

2/07/2018 8:56:41 AM

Automatic email reminders are sent when the due date for regular maintenance for your evacuation scheme is approaching, for applications submitted online. This guide covers adding or removing email addresses for these reminders.

30/06/2021 10:15:39 AM

If you'll be maintaining your approved scheme by submitting manual forms, please email them to